Is Maltodextrin Bad for You?


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Maltodextrin is an FDA-regulated food that is not considered bad for the average person to eat. There is a concern by some that maltodextrin may contain gluten when it is derived from wheat, but according to Celiac Central, wheat maltodextrin is so highly processed that gluten proteins are removed.

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Maltodextrin is a food additive that is produced from various starches, such as corn, wheat or rice. It is easy to digest, sometimes a bit sweet and quickly absorbed as glucose, making it a common ingredient in products such as chips, candy and soda, says Wikipedia.

Some companies treat maltodextrin starches with acids, heat or enzymes to make it more resistant to the digestive process, explains the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Maltodextrin in this form mimics dietary fiber and helps to lower blood sugar. It does not, however, help with constipation. When maltodextrin is made with wheat, the FDA requires the product to indicate the inclusion of it in order to protect people who have a wheat allergy. Celiac Central notes that if the word "wheat" is not contained in the ingredient list of a food product, then the food is safe to be considered gluten-free due to the way it is processed.

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