What Are Some Male Andropause Symptoms?


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Symptoms of andropause, or androgen deficiency due to aging, include low libido, depression, low energy and insomnia, according to Healthline. Osteoporosis, accumulation of abdominal fat, breast enlargement and increased tiredness are additional symptoms.

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Andropausal men often experience fewer spontaneous erections than other men and may have a reduced level of self-confidence and motivation, reports Healthline. Other symptoms include the inability to concentrate, problems with memory, increased nervousness and irritability. Some men may have a reduction in sperm count and a lower proportion of red blood cells in their plasma.

During andropause, testosterone levels decrease from a normally healthy level of 300 to 1,200 nanograms per deciliter to about half that, usually by age 70, notes Healthline. A study found that as many as 91 percent of men undergoing andropause experienced low libido, a condition that often improves with testosterone replacement via intramuscular injection, gel or patches. Studies show that testosterone replacement therapy also improves depression, low energy, insomnia and other woes experienced by the andropausal man.

Not all men experience andropause, states Healthline. Unlike menopause, which is a similar condition in women, andropause occurs slowly and may last for decades. However, the condition is not solely related to age. Younger men, even in their 30s, may experience the condition. After age 30, the average decline in testosterone levels among men is around 1 percent each year.

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