How Do You Make a Wooden Pipe for Smoking Tobacco?


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Making a wooden pipe for smoking tobacco is done by either using a pipe-making kit or making everything by hand. For the stem, use an acrylic or vulcanite material. You need briar wood, an acrylic or vulcanite stem, a drill with several sized drill heads, a grinder, a coping saw, a carving tool, protection glasses, a dust mask, grit paper, a soft cloth, alcohol, and carnauba wax.

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  1. Design your pipe

    Design the stummel so that when you connect the stem and the stummel, they will fit perfectly in the desired shape of your pipe.

  2. Cut and drill your wood

    Cut your wood to the desired shape. Drill holes for the tobacco chamber and the air passage. Make sure the air passage fits with the shape and size of the stem. Wear protective gear while cutting and drilling.

  3. Cut and shape the surface

    Use the coping saw to cut the bigger chunks of extra wood, and then shape the stummel with the carving tool to the desired shape.

  4. Finish the stummel

    Start with a 100-grit paper to sand the stummel, and work up to the 600-grit paper to smooth the surface. Use a soft cloth moistened with alcohol to wipe the stummel and remove dust resulting from the sanding. Use carnauba wax to apply a finishing layer to the exterior of the stummel.

  5. Attach the stem

    Attach your desired stem to the stummel, completing your pipe.

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