How Do You Make a Wedding Workout Plan?


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Someone's wedding day can be one of the best days of her life. Brides and grooms are both in the spotlight on their wedding days, which can lead to trepidation about appearances. While these feelings often cause some anxiety, they can also provide the perfect motivation to lose weight and get fit. WebMD explains how to devise a wedding workout plan to look more fit and toned by the wedding. The materials needed are dumbbells, a stability ball and a positive attitude.

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  1. Choose areas to work on

    Some areas are more visible during a wedding than others. Brides often wear long dresses that hide their legs but expose their shoulders and arms, so targeting the upper body first is the smarter decision. For backless dresses, focus on the core and back muscles. For strapless dresses, focus on the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Good posture is an important part of looking and feeling healthy. The areas to target for posture are the core, back, shoulder and core muscles.

  2. Choose exercises to do

    Once the areas that need the most attention have been determined, choose the exercises that effectively target those areas. For core muscles, push ups, crunches and stability ball exercises are effective. WebMD suggests sitting on a stability ball and lifting dumbbells above the head to work the core, arms, shoulders and upper back. Working with 10- to 15-pound free weights effectively work the arms. Along with exercises that target the specifically chosen areas, cardio exercises such as running or biking are effective for weight loss and fitness.

  3. Focus on small changes

    Working out takes time to yield results. The ideal time to start getting in shape for a wedding is six months in advance; however, a smaller amount of time can still be effective if it is used to its maximum potential. Because changes in appearance and weight loss take time, avoid trying to lose too much weight. Instead, focus on getting more toned in some areas, which is easier to accomplish. Getting more muscular arms and straighter posture are more achievable goals than losing 40 pounds, and they cause significant, healthy changes in both feeling and appearance.

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