How Do You Make Water Alkaline?


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Water can be made alkaline by using water filtration systems that increase the pH of water via electrolysis, says Louisiana's Health and Fitness Magazine. Ionizer machines can also be used. Simpler methods of creating alkaline water include adding baking soda and alkaline drops or tablets to water, states AcidAlkalineDiet

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How Do You Make Water Alkaline?
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Water filtration systems to make alkaline water are available as jug filters or as faucet-based ones. Use tap water to make alkaline water through such systems instead of distilled water as these require some mineral content for proper functioning. Ionizer machines for creating alkaline water also come in different models such as those that fit under the sink, sit on the counter top or fit on faucets, explains AcidAlkalineDiet.

Adding half to one teaspoon of baking soda to one gallon of tap, distilled or bottled drinking water is a cheaper way of making alkaline water, says Louisiana's Health and Fitness Magazine. Store this water in a refrigerator and shake before drinking. Alternatively, add one or two drops of alkaline drops to a glass of water just before drinking. Alkaline tablets can also be used for this purpose, explains AcidAlkalineDiet.

When using baking soda or alkaline drops and tablets, use a pH strip to test if the pH of the water has reached the desired level, reports AcidAlkalineDiet.

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