How Do You Make Your Teeth Whiter in 1 Week?


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Make teeth whiter in one week by visiting the dentist for a professional whitening treatment, trying at home whiteners and using makeup or clothing tricks to make teeth appear whiter. Regular dental care and brushing and flossing daily help teeth look whiter and stay clean and bright.

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Dentists can provide professional, in-office whitening treatments. These treatments produce results in just a few hours or less. Professional whitening treatments can last up to a year with at-home maintenance. A visit to the dentist for a cleaning is also a good way to whiten teeth. Additionally, after a cleaning, at-home whiteners may work better.

Use whitening gels, strips or devices to lighten teeth at home. These trays and gels can make teeth whiter in one week, but full results may take up to two weeks. Whitening devices that use light or heat to activate the ingredients can whiten teeth in about two days. These devices offer a treatment that is similar to what a dentist can provide.

To make teeth look even whiter, try wearing something blue. Ladies can choose gloss or lipstick with blue undertones, and men and women may find that a blue top makes teeth appear whiter. Consider a bronzer to provide more contrast between the color of teeth and skin. These tricks can make teeth appear whiter while treatments are being utilized.

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