How Do You Make a Scab Heal More Quickly?


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To make a scab heal more quickly, use remedies that include tea tree oil, garlic, onion, aloe vera or honey, advises Find Home Remedy. Soak the scabs in water using cotton balls, which helps to keep the scabs soft so that they fall off without leaving scars.

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Tea tree oil applied to scabs helps them heal quickly and efficiently, according to Find Home Remedy. The oil has antiseptic properties, like many of these remedies, and enhances the healing process. Garlic also has strong antimicrobial properties that, when applied to scabs, helps prevent infections. Blend two or three garlic cloves with a cup wine. Strain the mixture, and apply it to scabs using a soaked cotton ball. Wash the area afterward to avoid irritating the skin. Onion has similar properties; apply it to the skin after pounding the onion and making a paste with a teaspoon of honey.

Aloe vera juice is one of the best remedies for scabs and cuts, adds Find Home Remedy. Apply the juice from the leaves of the plants to a scab, and wash it off afterward. Repeat the process four times a day. The application of honey to scabs helps kill bacteria and enhance the healing process.

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