How to Make Your Period Lighter Naturally?

make-period-lighter-naturally Credit: Mustafa Arican/E+/Getty Images

According to Modern Mom, moderate exercise and taking certain vitamins and supplements can drastically reduce the heaviness of a woman's monthly period. Eating foods that are high in iron or manganese or taking a supplement that includes these minerals can also help lighten menstrual periods.

Moderate exercise that is gentle on the body, such as yoga or swimming, can alleviate heavy periods and make them lighter, explains Modern Mom. Going overboard with exercise isn't recommended though because excessive exercise can actually increase the heaviness of a woman's period.

Modern Mom cautions that a heavy menstrual flow can indicate a hormonal imbalance. It can also be a side effect of an IUD or medication, so it's best to check with a physician to rule out a medical cause for heavy bleeding during a menstrual period.