How Do You Make Your Own Ovulation Calendar?


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Make an ovulation chart by using a calendar and writing down the first day of the menstrual period for several months, recommends What to Expect. Count the number of days between the beginning of two consecutive periods, if they occur regularly. The midpoint is likely the day of ovulation.

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Other information to document includes the change in cervical discharge and the basal body temperature, explains What to Expect. When the discharge from the cervix resembles raw egg whites, it indicates ovulation. The days immediately preceding this is the time you are most likely to conceive.

Write down a daily body temperature to identify the basal body temperature that is optimum for conception, according to the ovulation chart. When the basal body temperature rises about half of a degree from normal body temperature, document that date on the ovulation chart as the day after ovulation, advises What to Expect.

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