How Do You Make an Ostomy Pouch Cover?


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Crafter can make an ostomy pouch cover by sewing two pieces of material together that then fit over the bag, as Stomaatje suggests. A hole made in one of the pieces allows for the placement of the flange, which is the base plate opening.

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To begin making a cover, lay the pouch on top of the wrong side of the desired fabric, and then draw its outline. Cut all around the material about 1 centimeter out from the line, and repeat this process to create a front and back for the cover. Then, by pressing the flange against the cut fabric, it is easy to realize the exact size and necessary placement of the hole in the material to allow for its use, as Stomaatje explains.

Sew both pieces of the cover and around the hole with a zigzag stitch a little space away from the drawn lines. Then, finish off the hole edge by sewing some material around it, and complete the pouch by carefully sewing the front and back pieces together along the drawn lines, as Stomaatje instructs. The cover is then ready to use after turning it to the correct side. After stuffing the pouch into the hole made for the flange, straighten it out inside the cover.

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