How Do You Make Mint-Flavored Toothpicks?

How Do You Make Mint-Flavored Toothpicks?

How Do You Make Mint-Flavored Toothpicks?

Flavored toothpicks freshen your breath after a meal when you can't brush your teeth. Save money by making your own mint-flavored toothpicks in two days using essential oil. Make sure to have a jar with a lid, tweezers and paper towels on hand.

  1. Sanitize the jar

    Make sure the jar is completely clean by sanitizing it in boiling water or with hydrogen peroxide to avoid creating toothpicks that carry germs.

  2. Pour the oil into the jar

    Make sure your mint-flavored essential oil is generally recognized as safe (GRAS). GRAS oils are the only kind of essential oils that are safe for consumption in small quantities. Pour 1 ounce of oil into the bottom of the jar.

  3. Soak toothpicks in the oil

    Place a handful of toothpicks into the jar and shake the jar around until the toothpicks form an even layer on the bottom. The oil should cover the toothpicks. Place the lid on the jar and allow the toothpicks to soak for at least eight hours, or overnight. The longer the toothpicks soak, the stronger the flavor.

  4. Remove the toothpicks from the jar

    Use tweezers or tongs to pull the toothpicks out of the jar while leaving as much oil in the jar as possible. The oil can be reused to make more toothpicks, so don't discard it. Lay the toothpicks out in a single layer on a paper towel. Pat them dry with another paper towel and leave them covered to dry for several hours. When the toothpicks are dry they are ready to store or use.