How Do You Make Your Lips Smaller?


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People who wish to achieve smaller lips can choose to undergo a surgical procedure called a lip reduction, explains Dr. Matthew White, a New York cosmetic facial plastic surgeon. The surgery takes about one-to-two hours to complete and is performed by a plastic surgeon.

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To perform a lip reduction, a surgeon makes an incision on the inside of the mouth, and then removes a small portion of the lip tissue, notes Dr. White. The patient receives a local anesthetic to prevent any pain from the procedure, and the appearance of the face is not affected once the swelling subsides because any scar tissue remains concealed on the inside of the mouth. Patients can typically return to work two or three days after the reduction, but the final results of the surgery are not visible until all of the swelling goes down within a few weeks. Eating a diet of soft foods is important during the healing process.

There are several reasons people may wish to reduce the size of their lips, according to Dr. White. While some are simply unhappy with the natural appearance of their lips, others experience difficulty speaking or eating due to their larger-than-normal lip size. Some individuals have excess lip tissue from an injury or wish to reverse some or all of the results of a lip augmentation, which is a surgical procedure that increases the size of the lips.

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