How Do You Make a Homeopathic Sinus Treatment?


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Natural ways to reduce sinus pain include staying hydrated, consuming spicy foods and flushing mucus out of nasal passages, notes Everyday Health. Taking a steamy shower and applying warm compresses may also alleviate the pain. Keep pets out of the bedroom, and cover pillows and comforters to aid in reducing allergies that can result in sinus pain.

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How Do You Make a Homeopathic Sinus Treatment?
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Avoid caffeinated or alcoholic drinks, and drink enough water throughout the day to moisten the sinuses and reduce the pain, explains Everyday Health. Patients should drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Hot peppers, curry, wasabi and horseradish are types of spices that can combat sinus pain.

You can use a store-bought saline solution to clear mucus out of the nasal passages, according to Everyday Health. Steam can help to moisten the sinuses. Put boiling water in a bowl and lower your face over the rising steam. Cover your head and the bowl with a towel in order to breathe in the moisture.

Use a humidifier to keep the nose and sinuses moist and clean, advises Everyday Health. However, you should only use this machine when the weather is dry or when humidity in the room is low. Over-the-counter medications can also relieve the pain. If your symptoms do not improve after applying these remedies, you should consult a doctor.

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