How Do You Make a Home Colon Cleanse?

How Do You Make a Home Colon Cleanse?

Make a home colon cleanse out of herbal teas or laxatives, WebMD suggests. Contact a primary health provider before starting a home colon cleanse. Only use cleanses licensed from recognized national organizations.

Two common types of colon cleanses include powdered and liquid supplements, WebMD states. Use laxatives, enemas, licensed enzymes, magnesium or herbal teas for a home cleanse. Take the supplements by mouth or through the rectum depending on which cleanse you use. Look for cleanse products in health food stores or pharmacies to begin the process.

To use an enema with a laxative, read the directions on both products before use, Mayo Clinic warns. Start by putting petroleum jelly on the anus, then insert the enema's applicator slowly to avoid damaging the rectal wall.

One common home cleanse requires consuming lemonade, water and laxatives for 10 days, U.S. News & World Report states. To use this cleanse, drink 4 cups of salt water every morning, 1 cup of herbal laxative tea every night and six to 12 glasses of a lemonade mixture throughout the day. The lemonade is made with fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.

Side effects of home colon cleanses include vomiting, dehydration, mineral imbalance, bowel perforation and infections, WebMD warns. Most home colon cleanses are unnecessary when people eat a healthy diet low in red meat and alcohol. Eat 20 to 35 grams of fiber every day to improve overall colon health.