How Do You Make Gluten-Free Recipes?


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You make recipes gluten-free by substituting gluten-containing starches, such as wheat, barley and rye, for allowed starches, or by avoiding unallowed starches completely, according to Mayo Clinic. Starches allowed on a gluten-free diet include corn, buckwheat, flax, millet and quinoa. Others include rice, soy, tapioca, oat and sorghum, among others.

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Health.com features some examples of gluten-free recipes, including risotto soup, spinach dip, chicken and bean soup, and fudge-chip muffins. The muffins utilize a traditional recipe that substitutes oat flour instead of wheat flour to eliminate gluten, while many other recipes avoid gluten-containing ingredients altogether without providing a substitute, says Health.

Other recipes, such as the recipe for black bean chili, utilize specific ingredient brands that contain no gluten. For instance, Swanson's broth contains no gluten, while other brands may utilize gluten-containing starches as fillers, states Health. Additionally, using Goya black beans instead of black bean soup makes it possible to avoid thickeners that are unsafe for celiac patients or patients with gluten sensitivity.

All gluten-free recipes should use spices and seasonings that are pure, rather than mixed spices, says Health. Spice mixes often contain wheat-based fillers to prevent caking, while pure spices contain only the spice advertised on the label. Additionally, cornstarch and other thickeners should be pure with no added wheat or rye.

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