How Do You Make Fake Braces for Kids?


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To make fake braces for children, first obtain household items including craft wire, aluminum foil or duct tape, superglue, sandpaper, and needle-nose pliers. The craft wire forms the central wire of the braces, and aluminum foil or duct tape forms the individual tooth brackets.

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First, measure a piece of craft wire that is long enough to go around the upper row of teeth, and add two inches to this length. Cut a piece of craft wire to the length measured. Next, shape the brackets out of aluminum foil or duct tape.

For duct tape brackets, cut narrow strips of duct tape for each bracket. At evenly spaced intervals, wrap the narrow strip of duct tape around the craft wire to form the bracket. For aluminum foil brackets, tightly fold aluminum foil into a several small square shapes. Use super glue to attach the aluminum squares to the craft wire at evenly spaced intervals.

To ensure that the sharp ends of the wire do not cut the inside of the mouth, sand the ends smooth or use the needle-nose pliers to curl the ends in a tight spiral. Line the brackets up to the center of each tooth, wrap the craft wire around the upper row of teeth, and secure the braces by wrapping the ends around the back teeth.

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