How Do I Make a Diet Plan?

How Do I Make a Diet Plan?

Making a personalized diet plan can be done in less than a day. In order to create a diet plan, you need a means of recording your plan and research tools, such as a computer or nutrition book.

  1. Determine your limits

    Examine your current parameters in terms of finances, time and location. Come up with a budget for how much you can afford to spend on food each week or month. Decide how much time you are willing to spend cooking, shopping and preparing meals. Look at what is available in your immediate area, such as low-cost farmers' markets and ethnic stores.

  2. Determine your needs

    Look at your eating patterns, and decide if your body works better eating a few large meals a day or six small ones. Take note of any dietary restrictions you need or want, such as allergies or a preference for low-carb or low-sodium foods.

  3. Create your plan

    Use the decisions and information from the first two steps to create a plan. Create either a general plan that focuses on swaths of food options, or a specific, structured one that plans out your meals for the week or month. Write down all of the requirements of your plan and keep it somewhere accessible, such as pinned to your refrigerator or saved on a flash drive.