How Do You Make a Daily Diet Food Chart?


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Create a daily diet food chart by attaching a magnetic or poster board to a wall, refrigerator or other convenient surface. Diet charts often feature columns listing each day of the week with spaces created for each planned meal of the day.

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You can also generate a diet chart online by creating a profile on certain diet and nutrition websites. Some people like to include a diet chart on their daily personal calendars so they can stay focused and incorporate the diet into their regular schedule. In addition to listing specific foods for each meal of the day, diet charts also sometimes list the calorie counts of each food item.

For inspiration, some people like to include incentives on their diet food charts. This may involve including a treat day at the end of each week or upon reaching a certain goal weight. It's also quite common for dieters to put pictures of people whose physiques they admire on their diet chart.

Many people like to place their daily diet food chart on the front of their refrigerator, as it is a constant reminder of the things they're allowing themselves to eat. Some diet programs include a daily diet chart for their customers as a quick reference guide to help them stay on track.

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