How Do You Make a Cucumber Detox Drink?


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To make a cucumber detox drink, mix 8 cups of water with a medium-sized cucumber, a lemon and around 10 mint leaves. Let the mixture steep in the refrigerator overnight before you drink it.

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Another version of a cucumber detox drink involves adding some slices of ginger, which acts as a digestive and cleansing aid. The cucumber itself acts as an anti-inflammatory and hydration aid, whereas the mint leaves add sweetness, and the lemons act as a powerful cleansing and alkalizing agent. Other detox recipe drinks with cucumber suggest adding strawberries or watermelon pieces to the mixture. This boosts the vitamin count and the anti-inflammatory effects of the drink.

A home detox recipe coined "the skinny detox" incorporates cucumber, grapefruit and tangerines. For this recipe, mix 6 pink grapefruit wedges; 1 tangerine, mandarin or small orange; half a sliced cucumber; peppermint leaves; and ice with a half gallon of water. After thoroughly mixing the ingredients, let the drink sit for 5 minutes and enjoy.

Other detox drinks to make at home provide similar benefits. These include blackberry and orange detox water, pineapple sugarcane spa water, raspberry and mint scented water, the fat- burning detox drink and DIY detox aloe water.

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