How Do I Make Bodybuilding Workout Sheets?


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To make a bodybuilding workout sheet, determine which exercises you plan to use for each muscle group. You should use two to three exercises per muscle. Using a standard Word program, make a table with enough columns to include the exercise type, weight, repetitions and sets.

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  1. Determine which exercises to use

    Choose which exercises you prefer by determining whether you plan on sticking to free weights, weight machines or a combination of both. Choose at least two exercises for each muscle.

  2. Create a workout plan

    Creating a workout plan consists of developing a schedule that alternates muscle groups. Depending on how many days you plan on working out, create a workout plan that switches between muscle groups. For instance, on day one, work out your chest and back, and on day two, work the shoulders and abdominal muscles. This alternating workout schedule should continue to incorporate all muscles.

  3. Design a usable workout sheet

    To design a bodybuilding workout sheet, use a program such as WordPerfect or Microsoft Works, and create a table with four columns and enough rows to reach the bottom. Title each column with the name of exercise, weight used, number of repetitions and the number of sets. Create a workout sheet with multiple pages, or create one that has individual days on the same sheet. If you choose to create all of your workout days on one sheet, either outer bold each section, or use color enhancements within each box section.

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