How Do You Make an Appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL?


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Make an appointment at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida, by getting in touch with the office staff and requesting an appointment package. Anyone is free to request an appointment in this hospital, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, mainly deals with diagnosis and treatment of adult patients. However, some specialists are able to provide care to teenagers and children, notes Mayo Clinic. The Central appointment office staff is responsible for receiving customer inquiries and providing further information on appointments. To successfully make an appointment in this hospital, do the following:

  1. Contact the Central Appointment Office
  2. Individuals can get in touch with the staff of this hospital through phone calls, written mail and fax. Choose the most suitable method to get in touch with the hospital.

  3. Ask questions for clarity
  4. When communicating to the staff of the hospital, be sure to ask any questions that may help in faster scheduling of appointments. Some appointments may require special physician referrals to be approved.

  5. Receive the appointment package
  6. After initial discussions, the hospital will send an appointment package containing helpful resources on how to prepare for the visit. The package will also contain information on location, date and time of appointment.

  7. Be ready for the appointment
  8. Read the appointment package and be sure to follow all the instructions contained.

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