How Do You Make an 1,800-Calorie Meal Plan?

How Do You Make an 1,800-Calorie Meal Plan?

To make an 1,800 calorie meal plan, set a number of meals per day, decide which nutrients each meal supplies and choose healthy foods to create your meals. A meal plan can be created in 30 minutes to an hour. Consult with a doctor before beginning a new diet plan.

  1. Create a meal schedule

    Base your meal schedule on how often you like to eat and what works with your daily routine. Common meal schedules are three meals and three snacks, three meals and two snacks, or four meals.

  2. Determine the nutrients each meal provides

    The body requires carbohydrates, protein and fat. The ratio varies for each person, but one recommendation is 40 to 60 percent of calories coming from carbohydrates, 15 to 25 percent from protein and the remainder from fat. For this ratio, a food that provides carbohydrates can be included with each meal. Protein and fat sources can be included every other meal.

  3. Choose your foods

    Compare the nutritional content of foods, and decide what to eat. Healthy foods include fruit, vegetables, beans, lean meats and eggs. Combine foods to create your meals. Snacks don't need to include a combination, since they are smaller. One good snack option is a piece of fruit. After creating a meal plan, add the calories in each item to make sure the diet is approximately 1,800 calories per day.