What Are Some of the Major Warning Signs of Depression?


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Some major warning signs of depression include fatigue and decreased energy, overeating or loss of appetite, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, persistent sad thoughts and feelings of guilt, states WebMD. Additional warning signs include difficulty concentrating or remembering details, insomnia or excessive sleeping, loss of interest in hobbies or activities, and aches and pains or headaches.

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Warning signs of suicide associated with depression include always talking or thinking about death, suddenly switching from being sad to being calm or happy, putting affairs in order and talking about suicide, explains WebMD. A person who is depressed has a high risk of suicide; therefore those around him must take any suicidal thoughts or behaviors seriously. It is normal to feel sad, depressed or lonely at times, but depression that lasts for long periods of time, feels overwhelming or interrupts daily life requires medical help.

A person who is clinically depressed and does not receive treatment can experience depression that lasts for years, according to WebMD. Approximately half of people who experience symptoms related to depression do not report their symptoms and are do not receive treatment; however, not getting treatment can be life-threatening and can lead to suffering or suicide. Statistically, 10 percent of people suffering from depression commit suicide.

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