What Are the Major Inflammatory Foods?

Inflammatory foods include sugar; corn and other omega-6 fatty acids oils; heated, grilled or fried foods; dairy products; and salt, according to Healthline. Saturated fats found in the meat and fat of beef and pork, as well as creamed soups and sauces, cause inflammation, adds WebMD.

When foods are subjected to high heat, as in grilling, frying and pasteurizing, a toxin called advanced glycation end product is produced. It triggers an inflammatory response in the body as it tries to combat the protein-damaging toxin, explains Healthline. Studies show that cutting back on foods cooked at high temperatures as well as processed foods, such as prepared frozen meals, can reduce inflammation. Lowering sugar consumption also results in a decrease in advanced glycation end product, reducing inflammation. Dairy products contain a protein believed to act as an irritant to the tissue around the joints in some individuals with arthritis pain.

Some individuals experience increased joint inflammation from the high levels of salt, preservatives and additives found in processed products, such as microwave meals, states Healthline. Individuals who smoke cigarettes have increased risk for arthritis; those who drink alcohol are at risk for gout. An amino acid in alfalfa sprouts is known to cause inflammatory, lupus-like reactions in some individuals that include pain, fatigue and kidney disorders, adds WebMD. Garlic may trigger the immune system, causing pain in some individuals.