How Do You Maintain a Weslo Treadmill?

How Do You Maintain a Weslo Treadmill?

To maintain a Weslo treadmill, check the position and tension of the walking belt, inspect the roller guard position and ensure that the bolts and nuts are adequately tight. Also, wipe the surfaces of the treadmill with a damp cloth after every use, and clean its pulse earclip regularly.

The tension of the Weslo treadmill's walking belt should be such that the user can lift the belt from the edges by three to four inches from the unit's platform. If the belt is tight, turn the adjustment bolts counter-clockwise with the Allen key. If the belt is loose, turn the adjustment bolts clockwise. Avoid over-tightening the belt as this causes it to stretch and hinders motor performance.

The proper position for the walking belt is in the center of the platform. If the belt has moved to the left, turn the adjustment screw on the left at the back of the platform clockwise and that on the right counter-clockwise. Do the opposite if the belt has moved to the right. Make one-quarter of a turn each time.

Apply a silicone lubricant under the belt on the sides once every 10 hours of usage to reduce friction and wear.

The roller guards of the treadmill should be located 1/8 inch away from the rollers on the rear. To adjust their position, loosen the roller guard screws, and move the guards forward or backward.

To clean the treadmill's pulse earclip, press it open and wipe the two bubbles inside using a denatured-alcohol-soaked cotton swab.