How Do You Maintain Weight Loss?


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Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the two main things necessary to maintain weight loss. Constant yo-yo dieting and calorie restriction plays havoc with the body's metabolism, making it nearly impossible to keep off excess weight. People who lose weight and successfully keep it off make small or large adjustments to daily eating and exercise routines.

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Although restricting calories sounds like a good way to maintain weight loss, it is actually counterproductive. A dieter who severely restricts calories places his body into starvation mode, which results in the slowing of metabolism. A dieter who concentrates on eating healthy types of foods without counting calories actually maintains a faster metabolism that keeps the pounds at bay.

Daily exercise does not necessarily mean a trip to the gym. People who make small changes such as parking in the farthest corner of the parking lot at work to increase walking are more successful at maintaining weight loss than people who start and quit the gym multiple times a year.

Support systems are also helpful in maintaining weight loss. Dieters who attend regular meetings and discuss the challenges of weight maintenance are more successful than others in keeping off the pounds. The people with the most success in weight-loss maintenance lose the weight slowly and steadily through a program of healthy eating and moderate exercise.

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