What Are the Main Symptoms of Intestine Cancer?


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The main symptoms of intestinal cancer include abdominal pain, weight loss, blood in the stool and a lump in the abdomen, states MedlinePlus. If intestines become completely blocked, intense pain, nausea and vomiting may result, and this condition normally requires immediate surgery, notes Cancer Treatment Centres of America.

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What Are the Main Symptoms of Intestine Cancer?
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Cancer of the small intestines is a rare disease. The five types of cancers found in the small intestines are adenocarcinoma, sarcoma, carcinoid tumors, gastrointestinal stromal tumor and lymphoma, states the National Cancer Institute. Adenocarcinoma starts in the lining of the small intestine, most often near the stomach, and is the most common type of intestinal cancer.

Diet and a patient’s health history affect the risk of developing cancer of the small intestines. Risk factors include eating a high-fat diet, having Crohn’s disease, having celiac disease and having familial adenomatous polyposis, according to the University of Chicago Medicine.

Diagnosis includes a physical exam and history, blood studies, liver function tests, endoscopy, laparotomy, biopsy and imaging tests. Prognosis and treatment options depend on the type of cancer, whether or not the cancer has spread, whether or not the cancer can be removed completely with surgery, and whether the cancer is newly diagnosed or has recurred, notes the NCI.

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