What Is the Main Symptom of a Candida Infection?


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The most frequently occurring symptom of a candida infection, particularly a candida infection of the female genitalia, is vulvar and vaginal itching, according to Healthline. The majority of vaginal yeast infections are due to an excessive proliferation of the fungal species, Candida albicans.

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What Is the Main Symptom of a Candida Infection?
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Vaginal yeast infections are medically referred to as vulvovaginal candidiasis, or VVC, because it primarily affects the vagina and its surrounding area, known as the vulva. Patients with VVC often experience severe and persistent itching which may intensify if appropriate treatment is not immediately administered. Other common symptoms of a candida infection include atypical vaginal discharge, painful excretion of urine, mild to moderate discomfort during sexual intercourse and a burning sensation due to soreness, irritation and swelling of the affected area, as stated by WebMD.

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