What Are the Main Ingredients in KFC's Cole Slaw?


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The main ingredients found in Kentucky Fried Chicken’s coleslaw are chopped cabbage, carrots and onions. The sauce used on the coleslaw consists primarily of sugar, soybean oil, whole eggs, distilled vinegar and water.

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Chopped cabbage provides the bulk of the coleslaw, and carrots add color and crunch to the mix. Onions further enhance the flavor and add a bit of a crisp crunch. KFC prepares its coleslaw fresh in each store. The sauce used for KFC’s coleslaw contains sugar for added sweetness as its most common ingredient, followed by soybean oil and water. Distilled vinegar helps cut the sweetness and whole eggs provide texture and flavor for the mix.

Other ingredients found in KFC’s coleslaw include modified food starch, also for texture, and salt along with a variety of spices. Corn vinegar and apple cider vinegar give the mixture a bit of an acidic tang, and the ingredients also include undefined natural and artificial flavors. Xanthan gum, paprika and extractives from paprika round out the mix, and a caramel color finishes the ingredients found in the sauce. KFC prepares its coleslaw on equipment that also handles soy, eggs, milk, wheat and other allergens, and the company does not guarantee that the coleslaw or any other food doesn't come into contact with these ingredients.

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