What Are Some of the Main Health Benefits of Taking Zinc Supplements?


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Zinc supplements can bring health benefits to people suffering from stomach ulcers or zinc deficiency, as well as to children suffering from diarrhea, according to Mayo Clinic. There is some evidence that zinc supplements could support the healthy function of the immune system, although more research is needed.

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Studies show that zinc supplements reduce the duration and severity of diarrhea in children in developing countries, particularly those who have low levels of zinc, as reported by Mayo Clinic. Some studies also show that zinc speeds up the healing of stomach ulcers, with few side effects.

Zinc supplements are beneficial for people who have zinc deficiency. Symptoms of this deficiency include hair loss, diarrhea, loss of appetite and impotence, according to Mayo Clinic. People who have zinc deficiency often have eye and skin conditions, as well as problems with growth and development. Using zinc supplements to bring the zinc levels in the body back up to normal could help to reduce these symptoms.

There is some evidence that zinc supplements could be a useful treatment for acne, ADHD, sickle cell anemia and herpes, although Mayo Clinic reports that more research is needed. Some research also suggests that zinc supplements could be a useful treatment for Wilson's disease, which is a condition that involves copper levels in the body being too high. Zinc could help to treat this condition by blocking the absorption of copper.

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