What Are the Main Differences of Recipes for Diabetics Compared to a Normal Recipe?


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Recipes for diabetics skimp on sugar, fats and carbohydrates, according to WebMD. The recipes use low-fat dairy and liquid fat. In order to add flavor, diabetics should experiment with spices such as cinnamon, which help to lower blood sugar levels.

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Diabetic recipes use liquid fats instead of solid fats, as liquid fats have no trans fat, explains WebMD. If a recipe requires solid fat, such as shortening or butter, use trans-fat-free alternatives. For recipes that require whole fat milk, use skim milk and cornstarch. Diabetics have to use less fat altogether, and should skim fat from the top of stews and soups.

Diabetics should avoid white carbs and substitute white flour or white rice in recipes with whole wheat flour and brown rice, notes WebMD. They also can use sugar substitutes and substitute chocolate with cocoa powder.

Diabetics should experiment with seasonings in order to make their food more flavorful, explains WebMD. They can use spices, herbs, mustard and vinegar. They should also reduce their sodium intake by using less salt in food.

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