What Are the Main Characteristics of True Love?

The main characteristics of true love are forgiving unmet expectations and prioritizing the other person's needs over personal needs or wants. In addition, respect and trust permeate a truly loving relationship, and a truly loving relationship functions with companionship and teamwork.

A person that truly loves someone else does not hold the person to strict requirements for showing affection or personal ambition. Letting go of expectations for the other person includes not trying to change the other person's personal characteristics. True love also allows a person freedom and does not try to control the other person's ideas or behavior.

Similarly, in a loving relationship, the couple makes decisions together, taking each person's strengths and weaknesses into account when making plans and apportioning tasks. In a loving relationship, each person can share personal thoughts with the other without worrying about a negative reaction or hurting the other person's ego. With communication, each person can empathize with the feelings and thoughts of the other person.

Companionship in a truly loving relationship means shared experiences such as travel and spending time together doing activities. A person should try to recognize the other person's desires and meet those needs, whether the person wants kind words, acts of service or gifts. The respect in a loving relationship allows each person room for personal growth and change. In addition, trust in the relationship allows each person to show vulnerability.