What Are the Main Causes of Facial Spider Veins?


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The main causes of facial spider veins are injuries to the face, sun exposure and even scrubbing the face too forcefully or with very hot water, explains HowStuffWorks. Sometimes spider veins are the result of rosacea, a condition that causes flushing of the face.

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What Are the Main Causes of Facial Spider Veins?
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Facial spider veins are also hereditary, and they can be exacerbated due to alcoholism, says HowStuffWorks. Alcohol causes a rise in blood pressure, which causes the tiny, venous capillaries in the face to dilate. In some cases of long-term alcohol abuse, the veins do not return to normal and remain dilated.

Spider veins are treated through laser therapy, reports HowStuffWorks. However, some people simply resort to a concealer to hide their spider veins.

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