What Are the Main Causes of a Bleeding Ear?

Common causes of blood coming from the ear include a ruptured or perforated eardrum and injuries. Some causes of a ruptured eardrum are middle ear infections, abrupt changes in altitude, very loud noises or a foreign object puncturing the eardrum, says Healthgrades.

Other more serious causes of ear bleeding include cancer of the ear canal or middle ear, head trauma or trauma directly at the ear. These conditions may be life threatening. If suffering from ear bleeding caused by one of these conditions, it is recommended to have an immediate emergency medical evaluation, according to Healthgrades.

Symptoms that may occur in addition to ear bleeding include a buzzing noise in the ear, earache, weakness in the facial muscles, fever, headache and a loss of hearing. These symptoms vary according to the underlying cause. Life-threatening symptoms that are associated with ear bleeding include bloody discharge coming from the nose, a change in consciousness, an inability to follow movement with the eyes, irregular pupil size, lethargy and profuse bleeding from the ear. Additional serious symptoms are dizziness and vomiting, says Healthgrades. If these symptoms are being experienced personally or by someone nearby, it is best to call 911 and get immediate medical attention.