What Are the Main Benefits of the OneTouch Lancing Devices?

Some of the main benefits of OneTouch Delica lancing devices are the ergonomic designs and reduced vibration for easier control, notes OneTouch. Some other benefits include glide control that allows for more precise lancing, seven depth settings and a quiet overall experience. The device also gives users access to two lancet sizes: 30-gauge fine and 33-gauge extra fine.

Another benefit of using a OneTouch Delica lancing device is an almost pain-free experience, notes The OneTouch Store. The device reportedly features an ejection control feature that makes removing used lancets easy.

As of 2015, the entire OneTouch Delica kit comes with the device and 10 lancets, notes OneTouch. If a patient cannot find lancets made for the device, he should either ask a pharmacist for assistance or order them online.

The Advanced Glide Control System of the OneTouch Delica lancing device keeps the lancet holder from wobbling, making sure it maintains a tight fit during the process of drawing blood. The device also features two guiding rings and several ribs that make sure the lancet stays in place, notes OneTouch. Because the Delica device and its lancets feature a lower mass than other devices, it reduces the vibrations of the product. Another reason the product vibrates less is the foam pad located between the guidance sleeve and the device.