What Is Magnesium Taurate Good For?

Magnesium taurate can ease PMS symptoms and migraine headaches, reduce the risk of diabetes and improve overall heart health, as stated by JillianMichaels.com. This supplement combines magnesium, a vital nutrient, with taurine, an amino acid appearing in mammal bile.

One of the predictors of Type 2 diabetes is low levels of magnesium in the blood. In those with low magnesium levels who have not yet developed diabetes, magnesium taurate or other magnesium supplements can boost the body's insulin resistance, states JillianMichaels.com. For people who already have diabetes, magnesium supplements can combat some of the side effects of diabetes, such as retinopathy, kidney disease and neuropathy.

Magnesium taurate can also ease the symptoms of PMS, including depression, bloating, headache, temporary weight gain, loss of sex drive and fatigue, according to JillianMichaels.com. Magnesium taurate is more easily absorbed and tolerated than some other supplement forms. Combining magnesium taurate with fish oil can assist with the prevention of migraine headaches, as the blend of fish oil, taurine and magnesium cuts down on the neural activity that leads to migraines.

Because magnesium is important for oxygen uptake, electrolyte balance, muscular activity and central nervous system operation, all of which contribute to cardiac health, magnesium taurate supplementation also contributes to heart health, notes JillianMichaels.com.