What Is Magnesium Amino Acids Chelate?


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Magnesium amino acid chelate is a supplement that raises magnesium levels in the blood, explains WebMD. Patients dealing with issues that cause the body to lose magnesium faster than normal, such as alcoholism, severe digestion issues and diabetes, use this mineral supplement.

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Magnesium amino acid chelate is taken orally, and it comes in extended-release capsule, tablet and liquid form, as stated by WebMD. The supplement is best taken with meals to prevent diarrhea or stomach upset. Capsules and tablets should be taken whole with a full glass of water, and the liquid form should be measured carefully to receive the correct dose. It is only recommended to split extended-release tablets when a tablet has a score line and under a doctor’s direction.

Common side effects of magnesium amino acid chelate are diarrhea and an upset stomach, and serious allergic reactions to the supplement are rare, as stated by WebMD. It is important that a doctor is aware of prescription medicines, nonprescription medicines and herbal products being taken to prevent adverse drug interactions. Periodic medical and laboratory tests should be taken to observe progress and watch for side effects. A missed dose is to be skipped if it is near the next scheduled dosage instead of doubling the dose.

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