What Is Macular Drusen?


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Macular drusen are small yellow deposits that collect under the retina, explains EyeSmart. Most drusen are symptom-free and may only be picked up during an eye exam.

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There are two different kinds of macular drusen with very different implications for a patient's eye health, as stated by EyeSmart. Hard drusen are very small. They are a natural part of the aging process, frequently symptom-free, and may never be detected by an individual who has them. Most doctors are only concerned about hard drusen if the deposits are present in children or young people.

Soft drusen, however, are a key indicator of macular degeneration, and they are often accompanied by hazy vision, the inability of the eye to transition from bright to low light, and a blank or blurry spot in the center of the individual's vision, according to EyeSmart. A doctor may diagnose macular drusen using ocular ultrasound or CT scan. These tests are usually only performed if the doctor is concerned the drusen are soft, or if the deposits are accompanied by other vision symptoms.

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