How Do I Know If I'm Leaking Amniotic Fluid?

According to Fit Pregnancy, amniotic fluid is often clear, watery and sometimes has white flecks in it. Once an amniotic leak starts, it usually continues until delivery. Sometimes the baby's head plugs the leak and stops the flow.

Fit Pregnancy warns that it is often difficult to tell amniotic fluid from urine. If the fluid is coming at a slow leak rather than a large gush, look for some key differences. Put in a liner or pad. After a while, look at the fluid. If it is tinted yellow and smells like urine, it is likely urine. If the fluid only comes out when straining, such as when laughing or jumping, it is probably urine. If it keeps leaking no matter what, it is probably amniotic fluid.

Fit Pregnancy cautions that a call to the doctor or midwife is in order if an amniotic fluid leak is suspected. Possible fluid leaks are a common reason pregnant women go to the hospital, so never be embarrassed. If the pregnancy is not full term, go to the emergency room. If the fluid is stained green or brown, it probably contains meconium, which is the baby's first stool. This is a sign of fetal distress and causes serious problems if the baby swallows or inhales it. Go to the emergency room in this case, as well.