What Are Some Lymphoma Cancer Symptoms?


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The initial sign of lymphoma is painless swelling in the groin, under the arm or in the neck, according to eMedicineHealth. Tissues or lymph nodes throughout the body may also swell. For example, the spleen may swell, causing discomfort and abdominal pain.

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Enlargement of the lymph nodes may cause additional symptoms, notes eMedicineHealth. For instance, an enlarged lymph node pressing on a lymphatic vessel or vein may cause swelling in the leg or arm or may cause tingling, numbness or pain when pressing on a nerve. Enlarged lymph nodes may press against the stomach, causing a feeling of fullness even when the stomach is empty.

As the disease progresses, other symptoms may crop up, reports eMedicineHealth. Fever, chills, night sweats and lack of energy are common symptoms of lymphoma. Unexplained weight loss may occur, and around one-fourth of people with lymphoma develop a characteristic itch generally confined to the lower extremities but that may also occur elsewhere or encompass the whole body.

Although these symptoms are indicative of lymphoma, they are also symptoms of other diseases and conditions, advises eMedicineHealth. The symptoms point to lymphoma when they become persistent and when doctors rule out other reasons for the symptoms to occur. Diagnosis of lymphoma occurs after a series of diagnostic tests, including bloodwork, biopsy of the tissue from masses or lumps, bone marrow samples and X-ray studies.

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