Does Lycopene Provide Benefits for Prostate Health?


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As of 2015, there is insufficient clinical data to suggest that lycopene in medicated or supplement form provides health benefits for prostate health. This lack of corroborative proof is due to contradictory results from published medical literature, notes WebMD.

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Lycopene, which is considered to be a potent anti-oxidant, is usually taken to prevent prostate cancer and to alleviate prostate inflammation. However, the use of lycopene for these conditions obtained a "C" rating at Mayo Clinic. This grade signifies the lack of definitive scientific evidence to demonstrate lycopene's efficacy in for these conditions, states Mayo Clinic.

Some studies show that increased nutritional intake of lycopene-rich foods may reduce the likelihood for developing malignant growths in the prostate gland. Other studies, meanwhile, indicate that lycopene consumption does not impact prostate cancer risk.

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