How Do You Get on the Lung Transplant Waiting List?

How Do You Get on the Lung Transplant Waiting List?

To get on the lung transplant list, get a referral from a physician, attend an evaluation process and get approved to join the list. A lung transplant is often recommended for patient's whose lung functions are greatly compromised, notes WebMD.

The lungs are a pair of organs situated within the rib cage. Their main function is to draw in air and allow oxygen to pass into the blood stream while carbon dioxide is removed from the body. Follow the steps below to get on the lung transplant list.

  1. Get a referral
  2. In most cases, the doctor in charge will assess the situation and give a referral. Ask the doctor about the options available and pick the one that seems most suitable. The doctor may provide guidance on what to do in order to get on the waiting list.

  3. Contact a transplant hospital
  4. Use the contacts provided by the doctor to get in touch with a transplant hospital. Compare the insurance plans of each hospital; consider its location and types of services available before settling on any. There are over 200 lung transplant hospitals in the United States, according to UNOS Transplant Living.

  5. Attend an evaluation
  6. After scheduling an appointment, be sure to attend the evaluation process. During this process, raise any concerns or questions regarding the process.

  7. Get approval
  8. If the evaluation process is successful, the staff of the hospital responsible will make contact within 10 days and give instructions on what to do next.