Is Lung Pain Caused by a Bruised Lung?


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Lung pain is sometimes caused by a bruised lung, also known as a pulmonary contusion, according to Drugs.com. Other symptoms of a bruised lung include troubled or shallow breathing, coughing up blood, and wheezing. A physical exam and other testing is necessary to positively diagnose a bruised lung.

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A blunt strike to the chest area is the cause of a bruised lung, according to Drugs.com, and lung pain and breathing problems are the most common symptoms. Blood tests, chest X-rays, sonograms and CT scans are all possible diagnostic tools. Treatment includes pain medication and deep breathing exercises to keep lung passageways open. Supplemental oxygen, suctioning and the use of a positive-pressure breathing machine treat minor breathing difficulties. In severe cases, mechanical breathing help is necessary from a ventilator. Chest tubes remove blood and fluid from the lungs if the bruise is severe.

Other causes of lung pain include a blood clot in the lung, an inflammation of the membrane covering the lungs, a collapsed lung and high blood pressure in the blood vessels serving the lungs, states Mayo Clinic. Many of these conditions are life threatening and require immediate medical attention. Chest pain from other serious conditions, such as a heart attack, sometimes mimics lung pain.

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