Is Lung Cancer Curable?


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According to Cancer.org, the ability to treat or cure lung cancer depends on the stage of the cancer and numerous other factors. Treatment options vary according to the severity of the cancer.

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Is Lung Cancer Curable?
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Cancer.org explains that the first step to lung cancer treatment is determining the presence and extensiveness of malignant areas. Stage 0 generally only affects the lining of airways in small cells, and it is often curable by surgery. The same applies to Stage I, but small sections of the lungs may have to be removed. Chemotherapy or radiation may be suggested for high risk patients in Stages I and II, especially the latter. Stage III lung cancer is not treatable by surgery alone, but chemotherapy and radiation may help for those who are in otherwise good health. Stage IV means extensive, widespread cancer that is very difficult to treat. Usually a combination of the above treatments and therapies are aimed at alleviating pain. If treatments are no longer effective, a person may consider taking part in a clinical trial, but pain relief and comfort are the main objectives.

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