What Lozenges May Be Used to Treat Oral Thrush?

lozenges-may-used-treat-oral-thrush Credit: Jonathan Nourok/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The only lozenge that is approved for treating oral thrush, also known as candida, and other fungal infections in the mouth and throat is clotrimazole, states MedicineNet.com. This treatment also helps patients with weakened immune systems avoid developing oral thrush by stopping the growth of fungus.

Patients take this medication by placing it in the mouth and letting it dissolve over a period of time, states MedicineNet.com. Patients must not chew or swallow the lozenge for it to be an effective treatment. Doctors usually direct patients to take this medication about five times a day over evenly spaced intervals of time. The name brand of the medication is Mycelex.