Does Lowering Your PSA Count Reduce Your Risk of Cancer?


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Lowering PSA count can help slow down the growth rate of prostate cancer. Going for a PSA test can help detect prostate cancer early enough to be managed easily. A slow growing cancer might not require medical treatment hence delaying a person from experiencing the side effects of treatment, as stated by Prostate Cancer UK.

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Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a protein that is produced in the cells of the prostate. This protein is mostly found in the semen, but some amount can be found in the blood. A normal healthy man usually has levels below 4 nanograms per millimeter (ng/mL). The risk of suffering from prostate cancer increases when the level of PSA in the blood goes up beyond 4 nanograms per millimeter. People with levels below 4 can also get cancer. This can be determined after a prostate biopsy.

Factors that contribute to the increase in the PSA level include older age, certain medications, ejaculation, an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, riding a bicycle and certain urologic procedures. There are also ways to help reduce PSA level, including herbal mixtures, aspirin, obesity, statins, thiazide diuretics and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, as stated by the American Cancer Society. Following a doctor's advice is necessary in leading a quality life

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