How Do You Lower Triglyceride Levels?


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To lower triglyceride levels, eat a low-cholesterol diet, and engage in high-intensity exercise regularly to lose weight and help your body process fat. Limit sugar, fat, and alcohol, and speak to a doctor about treatment options.

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  1. Eat a low-cholesterol diet

    Obesity is one of the main causes of high triglycerides, so eat a healthy, low-cholesterol diet to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Foods such as avocado, salmon, legumes and soba noodles are among some of the healthy foods that should be included in a low-cholesterol diet.

  2. Engage in regular high-intensity exercise

    Regular, high-intensity exercise burns fat and may help your body process excess fat more efficiently. Increase the intensity of your workouts by alternating between two minutes of low-intensity exercise and two minutes of high-intensity exercise for 45 minutes at least three times per week to lower triglyceride levels.

  3. Limit sugar, fat and alcohol

    Reduce your sugar, fat and alcohol intake, as these can raise triglyceride levels.

  4. Visit a health care practitioner

    Although cultivating healthier habits is important to managing triglyceride levels, it is not always enough to lower triglycerides sufficiently. Speak to a doctor about treatment options and a plan of action to get your triglyceride levels in a healthy range.

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