How Do You Lower SGPT?

Lowering high SGPT levels is usually accomplished by abstaining from alcohol, losing weight or lowering high cholesterol. According to WebMD, certain medications also cause high SGPT levels. If this is the case, switching to a different medication usually eliminates this problem. Ultimately, the only way to lower SGPT levels is to eliminate whatever is causing them.

SGPT levels are measured by a blood test. The test detects levels of the enzyme pyruvate transaminase in the body. Normal levels of SGPT range from approximately 10 to 40 units of pyruvate transaminase per liter of blood. However, each lab has slightly different thresholds, and what is considered to be normal SGPT levels is different for men and women.

In addition to obesity, high alcohol intake and other factors, high SGPT levels are caused by a variety of medical conditions, notes WebMD. For example, hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, lead poisoning and exposure to carbon tetrachloride all cause high SGPT levels. In addition, children who experience rapid growth spurts are also prone to developing high SGPT levels.

The treatment for high SGPT levels varies greatly because this condition is caused by a number of factors. The most basic treatment involves corrective measures, such as switching medication and losing weight. Developing high SGPT levels is not a very serious condition, as explained by WebMD. However, some conditions that cause high SGPT levels are fatal.