How Do You Lower PSA Numbers?


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Prostate-specific antigen numbers can be lowered by eating less meat, adding tomatoes to the diet and getting more exercise, according to HowStuffWorks. These numbers also fall when taking aspirin and drinking pomegranate juice.

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Cutting meat out of a diet is a great way to lower prostate-specific antigen numbers because meat consumption triples the risk of an enlarged prostate, as stated by HowStuffWorks. Eating tomatoes and tomato-based foods containing the antioxidant lycopene also boosts prostate health. Men who eat 10 or more servings of tomatoes a week have a 35 percent lower chance of developing prostate cancer than the average man.

Exercise is also a good way to lower prostate-specific antigen numbers, explains HowStuffWorks. In studies, men who engaged in regular moderate physical activity had statistically significant lower prostate-specific antigen numbers than men who did not. For men who already have prostate cancer, regular use of aspirin has been shown to help lower prostate-specific antigen numbers. For men who do not have prostate cancer, taking aspirin regularly lowers the risk of developing the disease. Additionally, Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice every day has been shown to help reverse the growth of prostate cancer and assist in lowering prostate-specific antigen numbers.

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