How Do You Lower PSA Levels Naturally?


Eat less fatty foods and meat, eat tomatoes and tomato-based foods, exercise regularly, and drink pomegranate juice to naturally lower PSA levels, advises HowStuffWorks. These methods promote a healthy prostate, which results in lower PSA scores.

Daily meat and high-fat foods contain hormones that enlarge the prostate, states HowStuffWorks. High meat consumption increases the risk of having cancerous cells in the prostate, and a vegan diet can control prostate cancer that is already present. Fresh tomatoes or tomatoes made into sauces contain lycopene, which helps regulate PSA levels. Cooked tomatoes increase the lycopene release in tomatoes for optimal absorption.

Incorporating a regular aerobic exercise regimen lowers PSA levels by achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, explains HowStuffWorks. Weight issues have been linked to the production of harmful hormones that cause prostate cancer. Since stress can also trigger the production of these harmful hormones, meditation and yoga decrease PSA levels by reducing general stress.

Pomegranates contain a high content of phytochemicals, states HowStuffWorks, which halt cancer spread and growth. Daily consumption of pomegranate juice lowers PSA levels and reduces the risk of prostate cancer from returning. Consult a doctor before beginning regular consumption of pomegranate juice to avoid adverse reactions with medications.